It's not a date at Minnesota Airport

Date: 5/22/2019

By Sir_Prize

So in this dream I was at some table. Somewhere. In some room that happened to have a table. A crush of mine came up to the table, put her forearms down on it and her chin on top of her forearms and looked into my eyes and said “Alright, look. I want to get lunch with you, just not a date.” which is funny considering I got lunch with her around 3 months ago (and it wasn't a date, you guessed correctly). Being stunned and not knowing what to say, the dream shifted. I was on some island, some tropical setting. I was with a girl with orange skin and a large head of brown, long, flowing hair. She had a friend but i couldn’t make out her appearance. Anyway so me and either my brother or a friend from high school (couldn’t differentiate) hopped on this boat on the island we were on, and the orange girl and her friend hopped on too. It was our goal to get out of this island for some reason. So we sailed, with the boat being propelled by an unknown force. We came across Minnesota airport. It was like 90+ degrees. Which, in January, is not the temperature that minnesota has. We sailed across an ocean to get to minnesota which was weird. After a quick google search Minnesota is bordered by only one of the great lakes in terms of bodies of water. Which is weird. Anyway so we arrive at the airport. It was half airport half mall. It was actually an incredible sight. Several floors, lots of people, lots of things to do, it was fantastic. Once we arrived, my instincts told me to run in. So i ran in. The farther I went into the airport-mall, the fewer amount of people i saw. So there was virtually no people within a couple minutes of running. Anyway I came across a shop or two that had white leggings for sale. I took them, put them on (i’m a guy), and ran some more. I found this huuuuuge elevator-looking-system. It was a giant platform in a glass tank that lifted itself up with, you guessed it, an unknown force. Just magic I suppose. So anyway this huge elevator looks like it was designed to lift hundreds of people at once. That huge. So i went in, pressed a button, and got lifted. Then my dream ended.