The book, Boris Johnson and a river

Date: 8/29/2019

By nomosia

At the beginning we were at my aunt's house and we were floating in the river not moving somehow in waterproof sleeping bag sort of things. I didn't know why we were doing this but mum was there as well and she wasn't doing it right. We eventually went down the river in the sleeping bags and got to a cabin. In the cabin there was Boris Johnson and it turned out that we were employed by him. He was telling me that he had bought a new house in Istanbul and I was sucking up to him because I really wanted to go to Istanbul. We continued down the river and somehow I found myself alone in this really icy place a bit like a school. I met someone and he said that we had to get a book but this Inuit girl had it. We chased her on bikes through the school and around and it was like I was steering using a video game controller because I was terrible and kept crashing into walls like I do in Mario Kart, but then we hid and waited behind a wall and I used the bird from assassin's creed Odyssey to grab the book from her. My friend was impressed but then I had to run away with the book and he had to stay with the Inuit girl and pretend he was looking for the book too. I ran around the school but somehow they kept finding me I was too slow, but eventually I hid, and I heard my friend telling the girl that I had run away and they would most likely find me in a hut in the nearest village so I climbed to the top of the highest building which was a wooden cabin with plenty of people in it, then I jumped in a seat and put my head down as far as I could. Someone at the front said it was time to go and everyone cheered and I realised it was a hockey bus and that I'd have to play hockey if I wanted to stay with them but people might see me. I was extremely paranoid.