Annoying kid

Date: 8/29/2019

By sleepyhan

So we were at like my grandmas but we were living there and it wasn’t actually my grandma like in real like it was some random old lady but in the dream she was my grandma, anyways me and my little sister had separated rooms but they were connected by a door that I could lock but she could unlock and I always locked it bc she would always walk into the bathroom when I was using it and I guess the bathroom didn’t lock so I couldn’t just lock the door. But then she had two friends over and one of them kept unlocking the door and I told her to stop but she just laughed and then she shysters being like super disrespectful so I told her that if she didn’t stop I would call her parents and tell them to come pick her up. Then she still didn’t stop and like called me a bitch or something? I don’t remember but it made me super mad so I told Sam (my sister) that she better pack up her friends items and take her home but Sam didn’t do anything and her friend just kept fucking being annoying so I just I got so made and was like fucking fine Sam I’ll call our mom to make u do shit since u won’t listen to me so I called her and her and my older sister came home and I talked to them outside which was set up for Halloween and it was like a porch with a big ass pumpkin filled with candy so we didn’t have to go out and they were talking and then we talked about something i cant remember and one of sams friends came out to do something but I can’t remember anything except that it wasn’t the girl who annoyed me and my older sis said she looked way younger tan Sam and my mom was like yeah she likes hanging out with kids way younger than her so she can control them, and then I woke up