All Schools In One

Date: 3/18/2017

By rcampbell124

I walked into a large park in the middle of a medium- sized city on a regular cloudy day. I go further into the park where I'm looking to find my way back home, where I find high school students running onto a field, and it seems to be a football practice. The sun is now beginning to set, but beyond the football field, I see a pinkish barn house on a hill, which calms me down a bit. It is now suddenly about noon and very sunny and hot, and I am beyond all four sports fields, where games are all going on. I try to walk back to the park entrance, but the national anthem is playing, so I stay until that ends. I say hi to Keith and Ben Goldstein, then exit the park onto a wide, empty sidewalk in the big city. It is now mostly cloudy and about 20 degrees out. I cross a WIDE street with a limo on it and end up on another wide sidewalk next to another park and some industrial buildings. I am then suddenly at my "house" where the night before I put my clothes into a dresser. The hallways are the exact same as my elementary school, and the rooms are laid out the same way. I walk into my ~purple~ room, which just consists of two matching white dressers and one purple one to the side, and I see the "popular" girls from my school being bitches and trying to take my stuff. I yell at them, they go to the doorway (with no door) and just stand there. I then see a man with black hair and facial hair putting stuff into what I thought was my dresser, but actually was one of the popular girls', and I scream at the guy (really loudly) and he just laughs in my face like I'm mentally ill. Now fuming and slightly embarrassed because he man did nothing wrong and I was naked, I went to my laundry room, which just had concrete and a water tank, and covered myself with a shirt, but when I looked in the mirror, I also had pants on, Then, I walked into the room directly across from that, and saw my brother and sister both in dark closets in the room. The room had off-white modern carpeting, white, low ceilings, was very well lit, had some exercise equipment and a few mirrors, and a staircase that reminded me of my preschool because it was in he same place it would be if it had the layout of that preschool. I now think the purple room is what I used to think all college dorms look like, and now I put it all together and I feel like this building entails all aspects of my school life. The staircase represents the preschool, the layout of the building represents elementary school, the white room represents the fitness center at my middle/high school, and the purple room represents college. After the white room occurrence, I woke up.