Who else but Quagmire?

Date: 2/3/2017

By peachkeedi

I was talking to this guy who was doing laundry at my parents house who looked like a human quagmire. I found out he climbed ladders for a living and was 4'10. We ended up going to this closed mall with some friends and he showed me how to climb a ladder on the inside and over the cealing. We decided to have a competition to see who out of the 4 of us could do....I don't really know, by climbing ladders. We said start and he was the only one to take off. then he began trading companies distributors in the shops for fun and emailing them. I realized I was late for my new temporary job at the old dq I worked when I was 16. I had no work clothes or hat and didn't remember any of the codes but still knew all the blizzards. I showed up at 5am and they told me I was late which is absurd because they open at 11. I made some blizzards in my pjs in the dark cause I guess they're busy at 5am. Then I woke up