Dream 04

Date: 6/19/2017

By Jpowell

I was fishing in a small boat with dad when we found a good spot and he told me to go for a dive while we stayed up top. As I was being lowered I was passing a lot of large rusty metal spikes; I reached the bottom but it wasn't the sea floor, it was a large collection of the rusty metal spikes organised into a circle, creating a trap of some sort. As I was attempting to catch crayfish a creature appeared, it seemed to be made up of tar, as it came closer I began to freak out. I started pulling on the rope, signalling dad to bring me up but it wasn't working, until the very last second. I got up and the person on the boat who I thought was sad had been replaced by someone else. As we released the air in the boat (air was weighing the boat down) we started to float to the surface but our balance was off, I told the person about what happened and they seemed concerned. We had to make sure we didn't rock the boat to much as it floated to the surface otherwise we might fall back into the water. The second dream I was beating up some tall kid in my apartment because he was being disrespectful towards Ms Cawthorne (I think). Prior to that I was in an elevator, and as she hoped on she realised who I was. She asked if I could do a favour for her and she would give me something in return.