A "Corpse Party" Dream

Date: 5/15/2017

By Ifiresky08

So this dream seems came out a bit nightmare to me. I was with my couple of classmates and my relatives in real life were there too. It must have been a out of town trip. I didn't clearly much remember if my classmate's family were there with them too. So us classmates rode a bus. And we landed on this big wooden mansion in the woods. That must have been our destination. Then my dream skip at night and all of my classmates were inside this glass dome garden including me. We are all talking some stuffs laughing while sitting around the bonfire when a pair of arms crash to the glass and pull my classmate out and one by one but some of us quickly run inside the mansion but then we saw four kids laughing and giggling and start killing. It was blurry but I know all of my relatives are dead then I shout and try to reason out why they want to kill us. Then....the dream was cut through and I was shock that I was with them and now they look like normal kids again and we are all laughing happily.