Roller coaster , you tube, Yard block

Date: 9/5/2019

By Hernameisfree

I was on the most wildest roller coaster ride ever, i wasn’t buckled in the roller coaster properly and I actually always had a fear of not being buckled in properly and falling out when the roller coaster goes upside down. As it was upside down, I was dangling but I was not scared someone was coaching me and telling me to do a back flip in my seat. I attempted like 3 times I finally back flipped in my seat. And pushed the seat safety vest thing to my chest I was secure. I was confident. Second dream I was speaking to this guy he I applied to something and he hired me and it was for YouTube I told him I was able to get 195,000 views and he hired me we were discussing that I had to go to Mars. Ur I had to go to Tokyo so I can be closer to my destination on this planet. I think he mentioned another planet he reminded me of @bigshiz. We were by a computer I think someone was at the door bell and they came in while we were having a meeting. The person came through the door. Another part of the dream my husband and I were trying to go to this bbq the persons back yard was a block and it had other homes there he lived in a one bedroom with heather my old neighbor. I toured the home to investigate the yard block