Intense nap

Date: 4/5/2017

By dontworry

I had a nap earlier today and fell into a very deep sleep. I dreamed that I was at some festival, near a large stage with high school friends. Camille and I were flirting and I ended up picking her up in my arms and she began to shove her breasts into my face. They were so soft and warm, possibly the best I've ever felt and I was engulfed in them. We were immediately turned on and told everyone abruptly we needed to leave and we ran back to the camp type area. We were trying to find an empty tent and I found a random one and got undressed and called her over but the owner of the tent came around and I had to cover myself with a jacket. My cock was so unbelievably hard it felt like it was going to burst. I began to drift between some sort of awake and sleep state and kept having this thought in my dream that I was stuck in this new reality and that I would never come out of it. It was a little unnerving but I ignored it in the dream. The next thing I remember is being at this putt putt course. It had a check out counter like the batting range I used to go to and the putt putt "course" was just a green with a hole on the water. There was an industrial building connected to it by a bridge in front of the hole. Camille and I went to get a ball and it was a weird table that shot them up when you put your hand over it and you had to catch it. So we got our balls and were very giddy when we tried to putt on the green. We both missed and tried to get more balls but the ball table shot the balls super high into the air and they landed in the water. We then decided to go to the industrial building to get frisky. Once we got there we thought we were alone and began to make out. I couldn't stop grabbing her perfect ass and feeling her up and down in her little bikini. She took off her top and spit on her nipples and had me rub them. As I was rubbing her hard nipples we noticed someone was on the staircase going to the room above us and we ran away.