Love that negativity

Date: 6/4/2017

By Fitful

I don't think I had a body in this one. I might have had a form which could take of a female body but mostly I just boiled around formless in this little room, protecting my mate who lived in a drawer, as a formless tendril of black sentience. I was in love with this sentient tendril of negativity, or perhaps it was inspite of its negativity. It lived in a drawer and distrusted everyone. I had so many fear and misconceptions and stupid beliefs, I was constantly manipulative and often depressed, lying about in it's drawer unmoving for days until it was threatened then I would strike at nothing really a threat. It was vicious, and fearful when I left, it immediately thought I was disloyal and would cheat on it with something else. My who family disapproved of being with it, sometimes they would convince me, but always I drifted right back to it, still in love. And it was love, not some need in me unfulfilled, it was a distinct fondness and unconditional love for this negative creature which was breathless and wide and deep. I genuinely loved it, and it knew nothing of love. I didn't care at all. I would protect it and be it's mate for eternity, until one day it understood me, the way I understood it. I was patience, I had all of eternity to wait. ~ I was formless in this one too, while the rest of the dream took place on a endless mountain step. I was building a new government out of Plushies. I would conjure up a new plushie for every allegiance and creed, dark or light or evil or good or whatever, I created a plushie for it. Each would run a part of the new government giving voice to what had been silent and ignored before.