second dream

Date: 7/26/2017

By This1LuckyGuy

I only recall tiny pieces. most vividly the fact that I was in my car with D. he was driving, though. backwards, and down a hill. he kept losing control and eventually fell down a hill after having to stop a few times. I remember after, going to see some type of therapist or councillor. d was there with me, but what was weird was seeing myself. not am image or a video, my actual self sitting across from me and talking about a previous accident. about making excuses to do drugs. some type of pills. I remember seeing myself tell the councillor that I did not want to ruin my buzz. that I was saving the pills so I could enjoy them. for some reason, my hair was long, pitch black and curly like d's. she turned to the actual me and have me some paperwork and asked me if I would b be okay with having a blood test. I was alarmed at 1st, trying to think of an excuse that I was scared of needles. but I was really scared of them finding drugs. then I remembered I have b been sober for a while now. I ended up drive ing to a cafeteria. reminded me of la posada. the person who we were supposed to pay let us in for free and we went to sit down, but the long tables we dirty. I say down with D, Antoinette, and I think Abigail. that's all I remember.