Date: 4/26/2017

By Alechku

I'm in bed trying to meditate to heal myself and understand my sickness but my nose is blocked and I cant meditate like that. So I'm lying and my wife joins me to remind me that everything is ok and that i can enjoy this moment by thinking of it like a game, my mood shifts and start to laugh as I try to unblock my nose ,suddenly I notice that the whole environment changed its full of color and beauty. "Boing" a friend jumped on the bed and he says "hey man I have a technique to unblock your nose" and I freak out for a second as he grabs my nose and shakes it, but then I notice that only one nostril remains blocked and I look at my wife with a big surprise on my face and she just smiles and says "let go, try again " and I look at my friend and tell him"let's do another round" and he shuts my open nostril , i start to panic, "relax just breathe " he says, and I do just that and magically my nose is clear I can meditate finally, "wait is this real?".