The unknown invite and the my sister return

Date: 2/18/2019

By annothray

My friend Charles invited me without me realizing it to his parents for the weekend we got in the car he said did you really think I didn’t want you to come along with us? With a smile I said I wasn’t sure But I forgot to pack because I did not pack! He drove me back to my house my apartment where I frantically trying to grab what little I could but was struggling it was taking forever I was back at my moms house Upstairs in the landing or tables cluttered with all sorts of ridiculous items mostly toys stuffed animals donated she could they are all mine I do not recognize any of them I could not find any pair of earrings to bring with me for the weekend and all the clothes I found it did not appeal to me Suddenly my sister Becky was back coming upstairs to greet me I had not seen her in two years in real life or heard a word from That I had to make a choice do I stay because she suddenly came to visit spontaneously or just go and be with my friend? I felt torn by the decision I want it to really leave and be with my friend I was afraid of conflict with my sister we don’t get along and then I heard a baby I am downstairs as if it was hungry Maybe it was Rachel‘s baby? I don’t know Was Becky pregnant again? I wasn’t sure she tried to hug me I hugged her but awkwardly it was hard seeing her I did not want to seem rude like I did not care about her but I really want to leave Mom made fun of me as if I were away all the time but I really don’t like real life she wouldn’t do that in real life she was mean in the dream