Kidnapped, Pregnant, Disco

Date: 3/4/2017

By ace200

This first part was like that Disney movie The Great Mouse Detective, which I haven't seen in years, but someone this happened. My father had been kidnapped, I think, so I crossed paths with a detective who said he would help me. But then I was sitting in this corner and he was further away from me when the guy who took my father showed up and got me too and the last thing I saw was him walking toward me. Then, I was pregnant because I had sex with a guy because his condom broke. My family (which was made up of people I've never seen before) was furious with me and would not buy me more condoms even though I was sex crazed and wanted more. I remember being at the school gym in the back yoga room where my family complained to my health teacher about what I did and that I needed to be sent to a reform school. I snuck out and remember I saw Genna and told her the story, I could tell she was judging me. Then my two aunts came out and said they would hide me from my crazy family and we ran for their car as I saw my mom following us. We got away. I was then at an amusement park and knew my mom and sister were there too. I also had a broomstick for flying. I did whatever I could to not be seen. Eventually my mom found me and stole my broom. She said she was sorry so I said sorry too and we ordered pizza and chips to eat for lunch. I was in my basement, but the whole thing (walls, floor, ceiling, furniture) was white was black dots. It hurt yours eyes to look at it. We also had flashing lights you could turn on and off. Caitlyn came over and I had Madison's Mario kart somehow and started playing as her. I lost big time and didn't save my progress. I remember being at a playground that was outdoor and indoor and the theatre seniors were there. I also remember running away and into a car with them. I was at an old lady's house then that was filled with plants and chocolate and pretty stuff and she kept singing so I told her to stop.