Delicate Ghost (Destiny)

Date: 7/9/2017

By anonymous🐱

This is the end of the dream and I know there was more before it, but I can't quite remember it anymore at this late in the day (which is sooo frustrating tbh). Anyway, what I remember is sliding around in comfy socks and shorts in the family room of my house. LM/EM was there and also RB (which I don't like bc I strongly despise him for so many reasons). Then I had a ghost floating over my shoulder (from the game Destiny, if you don't know it that may be confusing lol) and the very end of the dream I was talking with LMXA about how I shouldn't go over the tile in my kitchen bc my ghost would shatter if it hit the floor there (which actually makes no sense, they float effortlessly in the air lmao). Also for some reason I keep getting a scene/visual from Temple Run from waaay back in the day when fun iPhone games were a luxury found only on my dad's old apple blackberry thing. The explorer running through the stone temple ruins. So yah. Weird one today but not near as much as is normal for me 😂