glass brain and space cakes

Date: 2/3/2017

By Carolina

i was in a foreign country. i was with a man i don't know who i was flirting with. we went into a building that looked very old in the interior. it had dull pink walls and gray flat carpets. we went upstairs to one of the apartments and he went through a hanging beaded curtain into the kitchen and seemed to be washing dishes for an old woman. i poked my head in and she snapped at me. later i came back with the man but the stairs confused me and seemed to lead a different way. i saw c but he ignored me and it felt deeply sad. me and he man went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. we were terrified that the owners would find us. there was a large round item the shape of a plate covered in several layers of foil. we opened it and discovered the "universe" it looked like a dark custurdy cake with white specs. it seemed very clear that it was all of space and the entire universe but it kind of crumbled as we touched it. the old woman suddenly appeared and we ran out. i was an apartment. i took a shower and the water falling down on me felt strange. i got dressed and left down a narrow busy street when i realized i forgot something. i went back and realized i was in l's house. he came home and was smiling and had his hair pulled back which was unusual. he hugged me and dug his fingers hard into my back so that i was scared. he went into the bedroom and shut the door. he sent me a text "why are you here? leave." i saw a woman who was wet and pressed up in an uncomfortable position against the glass. i went outside and saw she was a girl and she was on the ground in a limp position. a groundskeeper who seemed to have cognitive issues and spoke in spanish was watering her with a hose. i asked what was wrong with her. he said in spanish "this is the girl. this is her. she has glass in her brain. her brain is glass" and i started crying because i had a recognition of her although i don't know what i recognized. i cried until i woke up