Recurring dreams that I am a mother of two boys

Date: 3/8/2017

By caitlynmarie3

I've mentioned this on here before, but I occasionally have recurring dreams where I am a middle aged mother with two teenage sons. Their names are Landon and Jacob, and while Landon is mixed, Jacob is white and I know in the dreams that he was adopted. They both have specific personality traits as well as hobbies, and I find it bizarre that such complex characters can reoccur on my dreams as often as they do. Now, the dreams I have with these two are pretty mundane for the most part. Day to day domestic life, a mom with two teenagers in the house. There are a few cases where the dreams really impacted me, though. I had one dream before that Jacob and I were having a heart to heart conversation about his sexuality, and I had a different one another time that Landon was in a car accident...not as fun. The dream I had last night though was silly. Landon and Jacob were playing some type of table-top game together (wow what a bunch of nerds amiright). Jacob was really into it, while Landon wasn't too interested/was struggling to understand what was going on. I told them that dinner was ready, but they couldn't go because they were in the middle of a quest. Landon, pleadingly, mouthed 'help me' and Jacob slapped him. I left them to finish their game, and then woke up. These dreams have been going on since I started college (so maybe little more than a year) and I'm still not entirely sure what they would mean. As dumb as it sounds, I love them dearly, but I also already consider myself a very loving/maternal person in general. It could just be that potential love trying to manifest itself in my dreams. Who knows!