Date: 4/22/2019

By richellebucks

I had a dream that my friends Tristian, Frank and Cameron came to visit my house. I don’t know why they did but they did. I remember we were arguing about artists and I reposted something about xxxtentacion being a horrible artist and Cameron got triggered. Then I reposted something about Janiyah aiming really bad while making a shot in the trash can and missing the whole can. It was funny. Then I was in the bath and Cameron came in and I let him talk to me while seeing me naked (I don’t know why). We were talking and he asked my I thought X was such a bad artist. I said that all he did was scream and moan, but I did say that “Look at Me” and some few other songs were good. I also said the beat of Jocelyn Flores was nice. He then started to reach over to my vagina, and he used to talk about fisting a lot so I got scared about what he was going to do. He just pinched me three times as an inside joke. I told him that he really scared me and he laughed. In the dream I felt my whole body shake because that’s how scared I was of getting sexually molested. Then I got out and my dad asked me if everything’s okay and I said yes. Then my mom decided to move the top layer of the mattress from my bed and I got scared because I thought the bottom would be dirty, but when she removed it, it was the same thing. Then Frank’s sister came in with her baby and I got nervous because the house was a mess. Then everyone said they were gonna leave with my uncle and my uncle asked me if I ate and said that they’re going to Burger King. I think I said no, and then I went on Snapchat. I was on this girl’s Leeivonah’s Snapchat, and I was looking at her story. She was a bad student so she had PM School during spring break. On her snap it showed her wearing this really sexy bathing suit that didn’t fit her at all. Her boobs were sagging and her stomach was spilling. After that it showed she went to the pool. I remember being in disgust. Then I woke up.