Horror and Love bundled Lucid Dream

Date: 4/20/2017

By Sizm0

I had a false Awakening in my room. There were two horror movie characters sitting alongside my bed. One of them was the Clown from the It movie. I forgot who the other one was. I was in a half Lucid State and I was also in sleep paralysis. I wasn't that scared for some reason and I was determined to get into a fully lucid state with my sleep paralysis. After some strange Sensations I found myself transported into a room. This room was not very pleasant looking and was filthy. Again it was like it was something from a horror movie. It looked like it was from the movie Saw or something. I remember fleshy monsters attacking each other and they also were attacking me. I wasn't really enjoying my stay in this room and decided that I wanted to go somewhere else. There was a mirror in the room that I used to my advantage to teleport. I wanted to go to a spa and that is what I told the dream. I ended up going to some place similar to it but it wasn't quite a spa. it was some antique room filled with expensive and luxurious furniture. It was much more pleasant than the other room. I asked for the love of my life to reappear again. It is hard to recall if she looked exactly the same as she did in my other lucid dream. However, she did have the same name which is Hannah. After talking she briefly went down on me and then we jumped into the bed. She told me how happy she was with me and that I should do this more often. I just remember feeling so happy with her. As we were having fun in the bed I slowly started to fade away from the dream. I had a false Awakening and didn't realize I was dreaming in it and then eventually woke up for good.