No Boom

Date: 3/12/2017

By guido38

Well I was at work and it was in a much bigger building . I said hi to some other coworkers asked about today's productivity and how it was today in their department . Went to work and as soon as I started my boss told me I was fired . Except it was another person as my boss. Anyway I started to clear off my desk . I had a lot of different clutter and a lot of little backpacks Idk why . Anyway I had some kind of home made bomb that was like some wires in a box lid casing from some shoes maybe . Had some wires and a light or two with I guess the plastique attached . It was crazy because I felt so angry and that I had it in me to turn this place into a parking lot . And I was contemplating and going to do it . So I took my time getting all my shit and I had my bags and as I'm leaving I hear my boss yell oh yeah bring me that bomb and show me how the detonator works . Crazy ! I'm going back to sleep . Let's try this again