IT the clown and possibly dream Hoping

Date: 9/9/2019

By Anathorx

Starts out bad but get cool after So I woke up in my house as IT the clown there was a two beds in my kitchen I came out of my room with full control of myself there were three other IT clowns one was really tall and skinny the other was a midget they had girls in there beds we talked about dick size I don’t know why this girl was about to go down on me so I looked and mine was small I could change the size how I wanted it to be so as I was doing this I thought wait I’m lucid dreaming so I got up and went to my room and drew a large cross on the wall put my hand on the center and prayed and thought of my girlfriend wanted to go to her dream then I started digging through the wall with my hands and started to go through I woke up in a bed on a top bunk I looked down and there was a guy and my girl together I was like the fuck I got down and was like hey they two other girls come out of the bed and it was two clones of my girl I tried talking to her then I left the room it was a hall way and I went to another door my girl was in there again she was getting ready for a piano recital I tried talking to her getting her to think this is a dream she kept getting upset and stressed about performing so I left at that I made another cross and when I went though I was outside of and old high school it was raining and she was leaving I got her attention and we talked and she said wait is this really a dream I said yes let me show you something I tried showing her how I dream hop we go inside we had to find a big wall to jump through we kept looking nothing was right we went into a locker room and it was all very thin walls so we couldn’t use those and for some reason I didn’t want anyone to see us do it just Incase something else was there and knew my secret or so idk we couldn’t find anything and I just held her then her mom called out to her so she had to go so I let her go and went through another wall I found then woke up now I don’t know if this was dream hoping to another person dream? Maybe if both people do it in the same night it might work but it’s just a thought I will probably try and verify with her when she wakes up but it was really “Dream walking” that would be insane