Insanely Realistic: Hit by a Train

Date: 6/29/2017

By Hhhailee_

(A little background before I start: My dreams are rarely the type to go against what could actually happen... meaning that my dreams are usually pretty logical and realistic except for little random stuff... THIS IS WHAT MAKES MY DREAMS FUGGIN TERRIFYING.) So... let's get started. I had just exited an antique shop and was holding a ceramic vase I had just bought (don't ask). I'm walking down the street by the courthouse where I live. And nearby there are train tracks that I have to walk past to get home. (Im not sure why I was walking home, because I live a long walking distance from the courthouse... but anyways) It was really cloudy, and everything was wet like it had just finished raining. There weren't any cars driving around which seemed a little weird because it's usually pretty traffic-heavy. But nonetheless, I kept walking until I approached the train tracks. Those things that usually have flashing lights and make a bell noise as they lower a mechanical bar down to block cars from going onto the tracks when a train is coming (idk what they're called) was flashing, but it wasn't doing anything else. But I stopped in front of the train tracks to wait just in case I could hear a train coming. I couldn't hear anything, so I figured the light-thingy was malfunctioning. I began to walk over the train tracks. Suddenly, the train came around the corner and the light on the front shone on me. And I remember that since it was cloudy and kind of dark, when the light of the train shone on me it was almost overwhelmingly bright and it hurt my eyes. So I turned away from it to try to get off the tracks. But i was too late in getting out of the way. (This next part went by in slow motion) The train hit me and it felt as if I had gotten the wind knocked out of me. I couldn't breathe. The vase I was carrying shattered... and as I was flying through the air at an annoyingly slow speed I remember seeing the light from the train reflecting off of the ceramic shards as they flew through the air around me. One of the shards sliced my cheek but I couldn't feel it. I didn't feel any pain at all for some reason. (Back to normal speed) I landed in the grass by the tracks. I was on my back and I looked up at the sky. The clouds were gone and the sky was a pretty blue. I heard cars honking and people yelling. I strained my eyes to look in the direction of the road and saw that there was a lot of traffic. All the cars were stopped in the road for the train because that light-thingy was actually working and had blocked the road. I couldn't move. People started to get out of their cars and run towards me. A man ran up to me first and knelt down beside me. "Why did you climb over the bar?!" He asked "are you insane?!" My mind began racing and i could slowly feel the pain creeping up in my body. I remember seeing my leg shooting up into the air at impossible angles and I couldn't feel my arm. I wasn't entirely sure if it was even attached to my body. Soon, more people rushed up to me. Some were yelling for someone to call an ambulance. Some were trying not to look. And some were murmuring things like "is she suicidal?" "Why did she climb over the bar?" One guy claimed he was a paramedic and started to crack my leg back into position. I heard a loud snap and suddenly all the pain rushed onto me at once. It was overwhelming. My body was in so much pain that I felt like I was on fire. I then started to scream. A blood-curdling scream that shushed the crowd that had huddled around me into silence. I just screamed and screamed as I stared up at the seamlessly clear blue sky. And I woke up. (Sorry for this being really long. I try to remember as many details as I can and write them down. Because even though my dreams are usually really realistic and scary, i want them to stay like this because they're so different from other peoples dreams that jump from topic to topic and usually don't make sense... so I try to write everything down so I can keep having these types of dreams. Even though some of them can be really scary.)