Date: 5/5/2017

By Ella123

i was kidnapped by this rich family of two and they placed me in a huge room which had nothing but a massive swimming pool. there were two other people there, a girl and a boy, and they were kidnapped two. i spent my time swimming whilst being scared from then until the boy did something and he got shot. so it was just me and the girl i then turned around to the girl and i was asking the guy who kidnapped me what he was doing to her, he said, "she's got to learn a lesson, so i am waiting for 1 minute and 20 seconds". her then put his foot on top of her head and held her under water for a minute, i though she was dead but she swam back to me. we were thinking of ways to escape but the huge gate outside the front was always locked. we went up to the attic which i think was my room and stayed there until both of them were gone, suddenly a part of the gate came off and we ran away. we separated and i ran to a spectrum thing and mrs Bunn was there and she was asking me are you signing up for the show ella. i was like no i need to find my mum and i found my mum and she was with my sister and she was like come on ella i'm signing you up and i was like mum i was kidnapped. and then this guy was like ella you're a weird one. and then i woke up.