Gerard Way, Murderer

Date: 5/11/2017

By harassicpark

Gerard Way somehow showed up during my two hours of sleep last night. He had been virtually in hiding since 2014 when it was released in the news that he was heavily into witchcraft and was rumored to have killed someone with witchcraft. No one had seen or heard from him in years, but one night I was at the church with a group of friends, I can't even remember who they were, and someone actually knew Gerard and said the rumors were true. Speaking about him sent a chill up my spine, and I knew that he knew we had been talking about him. We tracked his phone using ping and there he was suddenly, not 5 miles away from us. He was coming to kill us. We retreated to a nearby room with a lock to feel more secure, and I texted Micah about someone possibly coming and breaking in so he would keep an eye one the security cameras. Finally, he showed up, but he didn't come inside. He stayed right outside our door and spoke to us. Apparently he had someone outside the door, and later I somehow knew it to be Charlie Hunham, and if we didn't send out the girl who knew all about him murdering someone he was going to murder her and Charlie. He gave us these instructions for a spell to do, we had to mix eggs with the black powder and drink it while he chanted outside of the door. All the while I was planning to do something stupid but I was scared to death for no reason. As he was almost done with the incantation, I purposefully spilled the mixture everywhere and as soon as I did we heard screaming coming from the other side. We opened the door and found Charlie dead, and he looked like he had been dissolved by acid (I have no idea how I knew who he was if he was mostly gone). Between the horror of seeing his body, we noticed that Gerard wasn't there anymore. I tried to wake up but it changed to another dream of sailors at sea, and the dead man was still there, it had been a ceremony gone wrong and killed Charlie and they were looking for the murderer, which was now me. Since the dream had changed Gerard was no longer in it.