Play House?

Date: 1/24/2019

By bizzybee

Squatting in a big house, but like a dorm. In the kitchen someone is mixing food, making a mess but really enjoying it and proud of his concoctions. I walk into Alex F’s room, vaulted ceiling two stories, decorated to the hilt. He’s built a loft. It’s like a museum/clubhouse in there. Back in the kitchen two little people show up, tired and sweaty, start talking about their exhausting days. One has a white helmet-like contraption bolted to his head, a speech/thought modulator of some kind. In a small room cluttered with stuffed animals there’s a large dog, maybe a bloodhound, sleeping. Suddenly the bunnies are loose, running around, and I’m struggling to hold back the dog whose awake now and wants after the furry critters.