Bop to the Top

Date: 3/16/2017

By saraa

I brought twin cherry gummy candy to my US history class and everyone loved them and I posted on my finsta that I loved them so much I masturbated with them (disclaimer: I do not) and I got some rly nasty comments from ppl I thought were my friends (one of whom does not even follow my finsta irl). They said things like "that's not what masturbate means" as though it only meant penetration (and as someone who likes girls that rly infuriated me). Next day in school everyone hates me and makes fun of me except my friend isabel who is not in my class and did not see my post. We went into the 3rd floor big bathroom stall together and I told her my situation (that nobody likes me) while standing and squatting on the toilet seat so nobody saw my feet. For some reason I had no underwear and everything between my legs was coated in this candy. She said she understood and we went out together but there was a huge line outside so everyone saw us and thought we were having sex. They were really mad bc a lot of them were parents. One of my friends asked if I was still a virgin. I was but I didn't want to talk about it. In history class we were supposed to have a final dance performance and I was in a group with the two mean girls. They planned it without me. They made my costume different from theirs and didn't tell me when I was lip syncing. It was a gold skin-tight leotard and mine had black ruffles at the bottom, but my underwear still showed through. We did bop to the top from high school musical and I lip synced first. They gave my history teacher a matching black ruffle. I was mortified.