Date: 1/26/2017

By sharkey161

I had a dream that i had supermans powers and i was in some kind of army and Sarah form arrow/ DC legends of tomorrow was there and some strange man that i think was actually superman was my friend or something. We were battling this demon lady called Controlled Chaos. She had black hair that covered her face and was naked with pale skin and black writing on her chest. She was super fast and i just kinda walked around, because i was like superman... Then i ran into her and it was an epic battle, the demon some how took control of Sarah and made her go crazy, i decapiated the demon lady but when i did that the demon lady decapiated Sarah then i cried for a while. The rest of the dream was spent mourning her. I flew up into the clouds and sat on a cloud and just fantisized about her. I think i was thinking about bringing her back to life, so yeah.... In the words of jack black.... WAR. UGH. *STOMP* WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR?!?!ABSOLUTELY NOT!!