my parents were angry with me

Date: 2/15/2017

By _Gabrielle_

I was babysitting my baby cousin and had a friend over who was sleeping on the couch. My cousin crawled downstairs and I followed and we caught my friend twerking on the couch for some reason, so I laughed and took my cousin back upstairs, but for whatever reason I left my glasses on the kitchen counter in the process. I took him upstairs and started putting him to bed when my parents called me down. They were both yelling at me saying I had eaten something I wasn't supposed to and blaming me for sneaking into the kitchen because they found my glasses on the counter. I tried to tell them the funny story of catching my friend twerking in his sleep but they both told me to shut up and telling me how disappointing I am. The time of day suddenly changed to morning and I was supposed to go to school. I was so angry at this point that I didn't even eat or change out of the clothes from yesterday before my dad took me to school. Neither of them seemed to care that I went to school hungry. All the way to school my dad said he hid my purse with my phone in it (out of spite for 'eating his food') and if I wanted to find it I'd have to call my phone...but I woke up before I could.