A day in the life.

Date: 3/25/2017

By Fitful

I was dating this girl. It was going well. It was valentine's day already and I bought her some candy and then bought her some candy to give to me. It was really nice white candy which I had bought for her to give me. I bought extra and hid it under the counter, so I had twice as much but she found it. It was a really soft white candy in different types and packages. Kinda expensive, maybe Asian. I had bought her chocolate, and she had requested hers, but ate mine. She kept running off to go do things, maybe it was work related. I was often in my house, a grey wooden house in a lax suburban type area. It seemed to me to be Oregon, because it was lightly raining. The house didn't much fit in, it was like a haunted house had gotten old. I was often at my mother's house too. In fact I was suppose to be there that day, because I was getting ready for a party. It was important to my girlfriend. I had a semi invisible floating metal ball for a friend, she was an unusual thing of some kind. I kinda needed to be in two places, I had to pick up some clothes from my mother's, and then go somewhere else, then go back to her. My friend said shed go for me. I put a hat on her, and a long coat and dress, we worried about shoes for a minute, but she was driving so we thought it would be okay. Later my girlfriend and I are playing a video game. She is really good at it, we are playing with a lot of friends of hers. It feels like a guy video game, and not the kind I enjoy. Less geeky more frat guy. I wasn't really interested in playing, and I wasn't taking it seriously. She kept asking me what character I wanted to be. I was stuck playing this dufus character temporarily. I told her I wanted to be a kitten. After a lot of thinking on the different worlds in the game I confirmed yeah, the only character in each world worth being was a kitten. She was rather perturbed. She wanted me interested in her game. I was more interested in being silly. Later we finally are at the party. It's a coronation ball for the queen, or rather an anniversary one, she was already queen. She was also, somehow, both my and my girlfriends' mother in law. I wondered how is it a mother in law is Queen when the prince is alive and adult ages. The party was a rather interesting affair. Most girls were dressed up like play boy bunnies, only a more anime version. I even had a cat version. The champagne affected me funny and I fell asleep on the steps, there were a lot of girls asleep on the steps. My girlfriend found me and took me away from that group, somehow the connotation of sleeping on the steps was like whoring. ----- I was upset because my hair was breaking. It was falling off at a half an inch total he scalp. Literally like it had been cut, but broken off instead. I had chunks, like freshly cut locks, in my hand. I was going to do a spell with them, but they kept getting wet. You couldn't do spells with wet hair. I was also worried the police would see me with hair in my hands and arrest me for intent to practice magic. I was more upset about my hair tho, than that fear. I kept looking in the mirror, when it was wet you couldn't tell, but when dry, right on top, it looked like someone had been hacking there with scissors. ---- I was in a convince store, I had spilled my soda and my friends soda. Some guy in the back was trying to clean it up and return them to us. I had the dream from his perspective but I was myself. He tried really hard, kept bungling it tho. The lids to the soda fell in cyanide and the soda was sticky and went everywhere. He kept mopping up orange soda and it kept spilling, endlessly. The white soda spilled a little. Me and my friend got more and more chat with each other and stared at the guy who cleaned it up. Of course from the perspective of the dream I was seeing stared at. There was a word repeated which meant monster. Me and my friend. D were suddenly Asian. ---- I was being a snobby vegan. I was eating at vegan McDonald's and being very persnickity. ---- Someone cut the ties that wrap around the waist of my favorite shirt. I was right there, and I protested but it was too late.