Date: 5/19/2017

By Klevr

Can't really remember it that good but as the day goes on it will start to come back to me but so far here's what I got, I was at school and I could tell something was different I didn't go to any of my classes because my teachers weren't there but I went to different classes like art , theater , classes I never had before. And each time I would go in the class I would see someone I remember but then when I walk up to them they would disappear just as I get a a chance to say anything. The day goes on and it's really dark and then I find my self talking to jeannie once again in the back area but I we weren't talking at all it, i felt like we were but we weren't we just were standing there looking at each other and then as I went to hug her she would disappear just like everyone else did in the day.