My saddest dream ever about Gordon Ramsay being my father and Rob Lucci trying to kill us both.

Date: 8/11/2019

By NoelCrist

My dream started with Gordon Ramsay having a cooking class in my local town for elementary kids to make pizza, Gordon would have 2 other people to help him watch over the kids. The day of his arrival, kids started to poor in as did people watching from outside. This had take place within an Arby’s, but the entrance and exit were blocked off by rite control and detectives looking for Lucci. The class had started and I was trying to get a look when the detectives had made a path for me to go through. When I entered Gordon said hello as did my mother; and they said they had recently gotten married(he already has a wife.) I freaked out and started to cry but had to control myself because of the kids. The class continued until around dusk then the kids left in single file line. I had walked out to watch them all leave, but as I was going back in a friend of mine had fallowed. My friends had reacted the same way I did to really see Gordon Ramsay. I told him about my mom and him and prevented the guards from taking him away. Gordon Ramsay soon gave my friend and a private cooking lesson about steak and red meats. All the children had left and the lesson ended, we all went outside and sat on the outside eating tables. Me, my mom, my friend, and Gordon Ramsay just talked and me and him would travel around doing tv shows and teaching others. I was going to be not just his disciple, but also his son. But then I woke up with tear across my face and reality in check.