The Interview

Date: 6/16/2019

By clointoronto

In real life, I am an executive assistant and I had applied for an administrative supervisor position but the person interviewing me had mentioned there was another position that I would be a perfect candidate for so I agreed to proceed And then found out who was interviewing me. These two people I am not too fond of because they aren’t really nice but, whatever. Over the past bunch of days since I knew about this interview, I have been going over and over how this interview will go and I keep thinking they won’t give me the job just because this girl won’t like me. So here is where my dream comes into play. The position for the admin supervisor comes up, I apply, she tells me there’s another position – all good. Everything that happened in my real life was happening in the dream. Then one day I met a girl (who I actually just met Friday night) and she was heading into a meeting. Eventually she came out and was walking out with the guy who is interviewing me in real life for another position. They were both smiling and he was very nice to her and said congratulations you have the job. As I see her walking along, I go up to her and ask her what had happened and she told me that she had gotten the position. I was excited because I thought maybe they would change the interviewer as she would now be taking over his position but that wasn’t the case. I was still having to deal with these two people that I didn’t want to deal with. I asked her if the interview went the full hour (because my second interview in real life is) and she shook her head but responded in a way that freaked me out because she kept saying that it was really intense. Then I woke up. So now in real life I’m freaking out because I have this one hour long interview which I don’t understand why it would be one hour with two people that are pretty much best work friends who dislike everybody so I feel like I am up against the wall and just gotta go in and hope they like me.