Storming the stronghold

Date: 7/26/2017

By wanderingSnake

I know not where this began but I remember being lead by a wild woman who's face was of excitement and joy of the hunt, her hair was like mine was once long and brown but more wild and unruly I think she is a past perception of myself or maybe a unconscious ideation of what I should have been. Any who she lead me and a small group of others, dressed as scouts I think, into a war zone through old crumbling streets that looked Italian, this land and time was old. We were fighting vampires and their hoards of undead monstrosities and Frankenstein like creations, one of the large beast was not easily felled killing off some of our company leaving the wild woman, myself and one other scout alive. Fortunately the beasts carcass and debris from the battle left a unconventional staircase to the top of one of the crumbling buildings. Fuck I don't know if that woman was plain crazy or smart but she had the idea to use the rooftops to get to the vampires lair (a kind of castle/mansion in the center of the city we were in) get in through their roof, start killing them from the inside and flush them out to awaiting forces. The bones of the beast that we just killed would be strong enough to slay the vampires inside the lair she had elaborated and stupidly we followed fashioning pikes and spears from its strange green bones. At the roof of the lair was a convenient grate easily pried open, following the woman through the complex maze of the building killing vampires stealthily I started to get suspicious of her, she knew these halls to well and the grate on the roof was to convenient as well as all the information on how to kill a vampire, I was sure if any one else had known these things the undead bastards would have been slain long ago. It looked like the scout was starting to twig to this too. I needed more information though if I was going to make that kind of accusation I didn't need to wait to long one of the vampires saw us before we could stealth kill it, the look of betrayal on its face as it saw the wild woman and the accusations that came forth from its mouth was all to damning. The bastad woman was a vampire herself. It fought well with magic and strength, by now other vampires had been alerted by its brethren's commotion or the corpses lazily strewn across hallways. We had to hide, outrage and yelling would have to wait till later. Whilst sneaking around trying to find a hiding spot she tried to justify herself to us with stories of revenge and killing the vampire king, I do not know if it was lies or truth but Fuck it all I helped her do that anyway if only so I could end her after easily. like hell would I trust her words after that shit storm of lies and suicide missions. The scout was thankfully inclined to help me do this. After slaying her and the vampire king we scattered their ashes st the shrine of their god it is bad enough that we have to kill them because of their human diet but it dose not mean they should not spend the rest or their death not at the side of their god. The vampires dispersed after that fleeing the city and my dream started to turn into nonsense about cars and small plastic trinkets.