It wasn't attached to his body but he felt it

Date: 4/1/2019

By pinkstar16121

I was jerking off a dick into my bathroom sink but it was just a dick with no body attached to it but I knew it belonged to my first ex boyfriend and he could still feel it. He was like in another room and giving me feedback. I remember it felt hot like temperature wise and it was soaked in what felt like lube but in the dream it was a natural lubricant that he was producing on his shaft and I was getting turned on by it. It was like this new discovery I made about the male anatomy that men get "wet" too and irl I'm scared to have sex because I feel like I'm not going to be wet enough and in the dream I was thinking about how I wasn't worried anymore and I could have sex no problem if his dick was going to be wet. I have thought about using lube when I do have sex. Then he came into the sink and it just poured out of his dick and it was so creamy and I thought about how it would taste. I didn't taste it but in my mind it tasted sweet like the filling of a Cadbury Easter egg. That's the exact consistency it was.