MY Christmas

Date: 4/13/2019

By seascarlet

I'm not sure if it was high school or college, but I had an assignment of writing a Christmas song and performing it for my class. I kept procrastinating until it was the last day to perform and there were only a couple of us left. I decided to just improvise something on the spot rather than take a zero, although I knew it might go really bad and be embarrassing. I started crooning, 40s style, a song I called "My Christmas". It was about how this year Christmas was going to be all about me. My presents, My joy, and nobody else's. I don't know if I meant for it to be humorous or not, but it came out sounding serious and with emotional, heartfelt rebellion. The female teacher and some guy who worked on TV shows were judging and they agreed that my song was no good and would never make it on a TV show because Christmas is about sharing and compassion and the spirit of giving, not selfishness. I said to make the bad guy sing it then. They thought about it and talked and I ended up getting an A.