watwr buffet and flying

Date: 8/3/2017

By zoezoezoe

it began on a very dark night. i was in water for some reason and it was pretty cold. i was scared, but i noticed a floating buffet like the last supper but floating. i made my way over to it and i remember there was spaghetti. from there i remember becoming lifted out of there, flying a great distance over a lot of land as the sun rose. i flew away from a city, over green hilltops and along train tracks until the train came up quickly behind me so i had to fly up higher and i kept going higher and higher and higher until i couldn't fly anymore. i fell from the sky and landed in a desert. i'm pretty sure it was a desert prison. luckily i landed in a circular glass tube about 5 feet across, so the inmates (who were hostile) couldn't touch me. i had to focus very hard to be able to fly away, and when i could do that it was with great difficulty, like my engine was sputtering. i think i ended up in a blimp, and the sky was very blue.