I'm coming for you😈

Date: 3/3/2017

By hunterrrg

I'm in the bottom hull of a tanker ship, probably about waste deep in sludge, and we are being hunted by this beast that looks like the xenomorph from alien. We have managed to find a safe spot to hide but can still hear the thing clanking around on the walls trying to smell us. Once it wanders off we all try to slip under this grate that leads to a hall on the opposite side of where we were, but still visible from the hull area. We all slip under but one of us, and we hear the thing coming back so we dove under the sludge and our friend said he would distract him. He died violently. I should clarify this isn't a classic xenomorph this thing is like 20ft long and about 1200lbs. We manage to sneak up a ladder to a main deck floor where we get access to Wifi and try to make contact offshore. We do and apparently there is an epidemic and these things are everywhere. The group starts to lose hope and then we hear multiple of these things starting to climb on the outside windows. Only thing I remember before waking up was seeing one directly in its eyes through a window.