Kids Next Door

Date: 7/1/2017

By mspace

So I had a dream that the neighbors left really suddenly and left me in charge of their kids on a very short notice. But I wasn't supposed to keep a close eye on these kids, I was supposed to watch them like I would watch a dog, as in, several visits a day over several days. So, the first day, I forgot to go over for breakfast and lunch. There were at least four kids, but only two ever talked to me-- there was the oldest boy, the second oldest boy, the oldest girl, and a young girl. Their ages were probably 10,9,8 and 5 respectively. If they were actual people, they were my old next door neighbors from seven years ago. But, I forgot to feed them, so when I went over, they were all really, really hungry. Now the thing about these kids is that they were known for being clever and mean. So something about them all wanting to sleep in the same spot, on the pull-out couch, but I wouldn't let them? Anyways, they wanted to talk to their mom, so I called her, and was like hey, what's up, I'm not going to be here to watch the kids for the duration of your trip, what should I do about that? And she was like, well, one of our dogs was really sick so we're in London now, getting his stomach pumped, and I was like cool, that's not an answer, and then the oldest kid took the phone from me. And then I made the oldest and second oldest go outside to play. They had a big, wooded area that backed up to a lake that the boys like to ride bikes around in. And I let their two dogs out too. And then I went home, because I was only supposed to be "dog sitting." The next day, I forgot to come over for breakfast and lunch again, and when I got their I found that I had locked the boys outside for the whole night and the whole morning. "I'm so sorry," I said, opening the door to let them him. I was actually, genuinely, disturbed at my carelessness. "It was cold out there," the oldest boy said, "But I'll make you a deal." He had a list of all the different deals we could make, but he would only accept one from me. That I would do one thing that he wanted and he wouldn't tell anyone. Basically, he was blackmailing me. But whatever, I agreed, and let him inside. For some reason I told his mom about this over the phone and she told me it didn't matter, that their basement was finished and I should just put them in there next time. For the time that I was going to be gone, they hired another man, who was also there on the second day. He was pretty useless. He was like 50 years old and kept shaving his beard, but anyway, everyone was trying to make matzo balls? Except they weren't actually matzo balls, they were those really skinny Italian cookies, except when you put them in water they looked like the bread bowls from Panera. So I was super confused. And then we were sitting all on the couch, and the third dog started having trouble breathing, so we had to put like an air mask on him and pump air into it? The oldest girl told me I should go upstairs and get something, and that left the useless man. He was shaving tho, and he handed me his razor, so that he wouldn't have to stop shaving, and I went up stairs holding his shaving-cream filled razor. The kids' bedrooms were on the third floor, and they were the most wonderful rooms. There was a big rotunda and all of the rooms opened onto it. But it was full of junk. Just, I couldn't find anything, there was so much stuff everywhere. Toys, yes, but lots of boxes and furniture and everything. All of the ceilings had stick on stars.