Chicken curry & paintings

Date: 7/7/2019

By Sajas

Me and my friend was about to make a ckicken curry. It was ready to cook. But we had an argument about putting the masala before or after putting it in the stove. Then my brother and I went to a park. We went there to like publish a story. I dont remember what the story was about. But the method of publishing was really weard. Story was written on a white cloth. And the cloth is spread at some part of the park so that everyone can read it. But before that we saw our cousin there. She was there to sell paintings. It was not on canvas but on papers. She was signing them with something starting with "Ikka". There we(me&my brother) saw someone looking like our father. But it wasn't him. From the park I went to somewhere in a motorcycle with my friends. My brother wasn't with me. On the way we met some other friends. With one of them I had an argument about some matter I don't remember. We threw stones at each other following that. But it for like fun not serious.