highway water ride

Date: 8/23/2017

By Genesis_Dreemurr

it was night, i was sneaking out of the house and down the steps into the feild to the right of my home. i sat down beside a tree and there where tons of small animals just size of my palm they where running towards the tree and there was one that looked like a crossbreed between a rabbit and a kangeroo, i picked that one up and looked at its littel face. then it was daylight i was going down the steps to my grandmas house with, dallas, peyton, angel, chris, and a few others including our instructor, we where trying out for a play about the classic horror movies, Peyton went first then i volenteerd to go next, but the the instructor in his Berea told me i didnt need to try out i had already got the part of freddy Kruger. what we where doing was we had a head tied to the tree in my back yard and we had to practice stabbing it. then there was a bit where i was worried i couldn't play the part cuz i had lice, but that passed fast when all the sudden we where floating down the highway that had been flooded, me, chris, and dallas where floating at high speeds once we got into town we didnt know what to do, so we got back on the highway and started floating again, i was first and a long ways ahead of everyone else when i had to stand up straight, there where giant meatel spikes blocking the road and i had to keep dallas from flying straight into them! then all the sudden i was in a waitting room with my mom and dad it was a mental ward with a perfict veiw of a river flowing between two mountains, i started taking pictures of it when we where taken to a room with gomez in it he started a music box and we started to dance the mamooshka.