Demons in my grandmas house

Date: 8/20/2019

By Rose~Nether

(Keep in mind that there will be a lot of skips and missing pieces since i dont really remember my dreams often. The ones i do have to mean something or the other. Im muslim and Arab so there will be parts where that would be your explanation—) Apparently it was my family from my dads side, but there were faces of people who were my ‘cousins’ when in reality i don’t recognize them one bit— Anywho we were in house that i couldve sworn i saw in another dream or something. We were in a huge theatre and we were having a game show sort of thing. After a while i became the host, i cant seem to recall how but i do remember them having some sort of conversation with me. I only remember that i asked three people and I remember what i asked the first girl, (her name, her age and her favorite color) I remember that i remember the second girl told me that she speaks great English and wants me to use big words for her, i also remember asking her what she despises the most. But i dont remember their answers... Next part I remember was that i was....dreaming? Im not sure but I remember some sort of demon and a woman and then I remember i was there in the womans place and he said something about me being after two girls, one of them being the girl i asked first. Next and last part I remember was that i was with my cousins (3 that are ACTUALLY my cousins irl, we were 2 girls and 2 guys the girl and one of the guys being siblings....lets just call them ‘Dana’ ‘Timathy’ and ‘Aiden’....Dana and Timathy being the siblings) and we were sitting at some kind of indoor porch. I remember looking at a picture i had to see that the two girls i was supposedly ‘after’ were highlighted with some sort of red dashed line ( - - - -) I remember that Dana and I were coming back from somewhere, Aiden was laying on the chairs and i have no clue where Timathy was. I remember that i went inside, it was a hallway that was dark and the darker it got the more i shut my eyes, not being able to see as i walked in a straight line for about a minute, i then forced my eyes open with my fingers and saw an Uno box (why do I remember that? I dont know—) i also remember saying “Oh Uno...” or something within the line. I was looking around and i could tell i was in a storage room of some sort. Then i heard some sort of demon or something so i closed my eyes and walked faster, as i said before, im muslim, and in islam we have this sayings that are said to keep us safe from demons and devils and gin and such, so I remember trying to say one of them over and over but my words would cut for no reason, id be saying the words and my voice would fade in and out. I remember some where in the dream a group chat between Dana, Aiden, Timathy and I that had part of the Quran written in it on almost every message....the weird part is that I recognized it, even after waking up... The only things I remember vividly were the stage, the texts and the uno box shelf... and as a 15 year old girl who can easily walk into a supposedly haunted place (thats a long story im not getting into—) i am internally freaking out.