Strange stadium

Date: 7/6/2019

By FaithB99

I’m at the top rows of some sort of weird stadium that has both bleachers and cushioned stools for seats. I run into a crowd of people who are moving a little slowly, including some random couple that I start chatting with. The guy is hugging and kissing the girl occasionally, and she’s embarrassed about the public display. I tell her I was embarrassed the first time my boyfriend kissed me in public too. Then we start making our way down the bleachers to the floor of the stadium. I’m going down the bleachers themselves, while the other girl hops down the stools. After I reach the bottom, a friend mentions that my boyfriend is there, and I start looking for him. He’s nowhere in sight, but then I find him sitting on a random coffee table next to a couple couches, head in his arms for whatever reason. He looks up as I come over and stands to greet me. Unlike his usual reaction when we reunite, he just casually says hi and we chat for a little bit, neither of us hugging or kissing the other. After that I woke up.