Broke, Bus and Prince?

Date: 2/14/2017

By annie2az

So it began with me and my family (mom, dad and 2 brothers) waiting for the bus that was taking ages to come. I walked away from my family to check around the corner and I could see it coming so I walked back. When the bus arrived we got on. My family stayed downstairs but I went upstairs and met up with my best friend (let's call her Sharon). So Sharon and I were sat at the near back of the bus (the seats in front of the full row) on the right. I looked at the back seats and saw a folded paper that said "WH threats inside" or something like that, in like a straight block writing. At the next bus stop, in cane this old man. He seemed like he was homeless because of the way he dressed and all but I guess he was just drunk. He proceeded to sit down on the back row but stopped himself when he saw the paper. He picked it up and read the front but didn't open it as he shredded it in his hands swearing at the paper. Then came in this tall man with a slight beard and started arguing with the old man before getting off the bus. Then you could hear trumpets (is that what the instrument is called?) and someone shouting "The Prince coming through!" and so the bus began to move yet again and upstairs came 3 shortish ladies, 2 of them holding a bunch of flowers. then called out Sharon's name, gave her some roses, then mine and gave me some. Granted, Sharon had more roses but oh well, flowers die anyway right? 😂 The ladies stayed up there for a minute so I shouted to one of them if they think the Prince would get Sharon this box (there was like a mini gift shop in the bus then) of Limited Edition Ariana Grande stuff (Sharon loves her) and the women said sure. So, Sharon and I walked downstairs where the prince was talking to the bus driver as we were driving. We walked up to him and I asked him this time if he would buy it for my friend as its her birthday soon and I'm broke (that part is real. I'm broke and her bday is in 11 days) and he said sure. So he bought it (he payed the driver) and gave it to us along with a brand new box of Kylie Jenner makeup (I guess that was for me cuz Sharon doesn't use makeup) then he said something sweet to Sharon in a flirting manner (I guess they have something going on but aren't dating) and then I started like play fighting him but I had to win so ya know. So he had my approval for her I guess? Then Sharon and I walked back upstairs and then I woke up. P.S.: the "Prince" didn't have a crown or anything like that on. He just seemed like another boy with blonde hair and blue eyes (that's all of his face I can remember cuz I told him that he seems like just another f-boy 😂