I had died and came back to life

Date: 8/23/2017

By byugancrystal

I woke up in an apartment which looked like somewhere in New York. I didn't remember much, or why I was there. A guy came in to my room and told me I'd died, but I remembered falling. Just the feeling of having died made me a little depressed for a little while. It appeared to be winter, and on the window ledge, just outside, there was a layer of ice. I picked it and knocked it off. The shards were sharp so I hoped it wouldn't kill anyone, I didn't want anyone to die. There was a tool at the side of my bed, it looked like a large trowel. I used that to knock off even more ice. Then I blew on it, and the trowel froze too, but it didn't feel cold in my hands. I panicked a little and put it back where I found it when I heard foot steps approaching my room. While I had been waiting, I could feel that my memories were back but I couldn't think of much to remember. The person who entered my room was my boyfriend, I definitely remembered him (just not what he looked like). He didn't look like he was happy to see me, he looked a little guilt ridden, and at first I felt bad. He'd lost me, and now I was back. But as he came closer, he smiled a little and that set me at ease. I knew he wasn't angry at me or anything. Later on, not sure how long, my boyfriend said we'd be going on a date, he wanted to celebrate. I told him I didn't have a going out clothes with me. He smiled again and opened wardrobe, built in to the wall, with all my old clothes in them, but since I died, I'd lost quite a bit of weight. He then opened another door, which lead to a large walk in wardrobe. There was clothes on tables, racks and on the wall. It was like a mini shop in there, even more so because all the clothes still had their price tags on. On one table, there was a whole pile of leather skirts in an assortment of colours, each saying "40" I didn't know if that meant £40 or 40p, either way, the clothes in here were worth a lot of money. I grew happier as I searched through the clothes, I'd really been missed and expected back. A lot of them were like vintage clothes and stuff you'd find in Urban outfitters, just the kind of things I liked. I pulled out something I thought was a top, but it was actually a peach coloured knitted back pack that I really wanted to use, but this was not the event. While choosing, I remember asking how I died, I figured he knew that. He told me I'd been shot, and I fell in to a river. That explained the falling feeling, but he wouldn't tell me who shot me, or why. I don't remember what I picked out to wear, but I do remember looking at the glass cabinet with jewellery in and seeing rings, all of which had a copy. "They're promise rings," he said, while pulling out another pair. These ones were gold. He put his own on, then asked if I would wear my other, like I used to, and of course I agreed.