Korean Tower Escape Challenge

Date: 8/9/2017

By SeeksInferno

This one is....... wild. It took place in an unnamed tower in South Korea. It involved me and Sunmi from Cloud Atlas. I woke up in this pit. It was essentially a white box. In it were many nametags. And the deal was, you had to find your name tag, which would give you all your stuff(?), and then you had to escape. When I got my nametag I was alone, but quickly I was pursued by two men who chased me through the building. The entire interior was unfinished, most of the place lacking paint or proper drywall/flooring. It was just a series of interconnected rooms without doors so it was easy to run through them. I quickly found a way to the floor below where I started although I can't remember how. This is where I met Sunmi. She was also trying to escape. Having escaped the first floor my first two pursuers had ceased to chase me. So me and Sunmi calmly walked around the floor of the building because no one was chasing us. We came upon a rectangular white room. At one end was a punching bag with a bloody girl chained to it. At the other end was an mma fighter, in her mma gear, gloves and all. As soon as she saw us, she began to chase us. Me and Sunmi somehow found the ability to scale walls and move across rooms very quickly and we soon found ourselves on the ground floor. When we got outside, it looked like a university. I remember the feeling of walking on the grass and then scaling a short wall and finding my way to the parking lot with Sunmi. The fighter and the two pursuers from the top floor rushed out to chase us but we found a car. Sunmi took the drivers seat and I took the passenger seat, and she drove us away. That's when the dream ended.