Date: 2/7/2019

By jp01

Cody and I stared in a mall, crowds were gathering at the windows so we went to check it out. Everything was hot and it was like the gravity of the earth outside had a faulty connection, everything was on again off again floating. People disappeared, cars started floating. Cody and I caught a bus back home and the bus had to detour because the were two dead bodies on the road, apart from each other, one was stabbed through her sternum the other was shot in the middle of her forehead. It’s cutscene to a richer family packing their stuff, a child throwing a tantrum over toys to pack. Back to my house with Cody, we are sitting on my beauty bed together watching outside, when out of nowhere water starts rising out of the ground. The water never stopped, just kept rising, Cody and I escaped the house before it was full of water. The water was now as tall as a two story building, we swan to the top and I started that it to an old friend. End of dream. It was the end of the world