My mate and virtual reality game?

Date: 4/12/2017

By rhys2000

I was at my old house which apparently my mate moved into. We were doing the usual, playing video games then all of a sudden he pulls out a new game. Apparently it was "time crisis". Anyway this game took you into it, like virtual reality but to the extreme. Once we were in we had to look for weapons and fight the bad guys, I found this alien weapon in a secret compartment in a small room. I tell my mate "look at this" he's like "awesome bro" then this guy showed up at the door and my mate runs up and starts punching him but it seems to not even make him flinch, then I pull my alien gun out and shoot him like ten times in the face, then he falls to the ground and dies. Then we walk to the side door and exit. That's all I remember. 😂