dream life lessons ?

Date: 8/9/2017

By luckystar

i had a dream that me and my ex girlfriend were friends again and everything was actually good. its like what happened was that we broke up and i never found my new girlfriend. i lived in some extensive house with windows on the ground floor and i had two rooms upstairs for some reason. i dug in some storage bins and found a bunch of 3ds in sleep mode with animal crossing wild world playing except new leaf was in one. me and my ex were talking just as normal but in my dream i felt in love with her. there were two other people that loved her too; someone named leo and i cant remember the other persons name. i fought the one (not leo) for her and suddenly i saw on my phone she remade her twitter acc and said she wanted people to stop acting like she was weak. i told her i was sorry if i did that and i wouldnt do it anymore. then she sent me some sort of timeline (it was a timeline of a friendship with someone else that i havent sooken to for years????) that timeline was detailed with pictures of old mutual friends we had that had a description of their last interactions etc. i didnt finish looking at it. and then there were two seperate paths to go for the timeline the one other than that was words she wrote, i heard them spoken out loud too. she said, "we can leave, come back. leave, come back. and leave, come back. theres only so many times we can fall in love with eachother again. you're special to me and i love that and you always of course; even when i'm mean to you and you're mean to me and how many fights we got in because we broke up. but something i want you to figure out is that for people out there they need your nurturance. especially if they were with you like i was. i get it, something can coincidentally happen with your mom so you just stop it all but sometimes you cant do that. you cant just keep putting an off switch on your relationships and friendships whenever something happens. and remember even though you're in a relationship doesn't give you the right to be possessive or jealous like we were with eachother. there's experimentation and devotion and most of all trust. we both need to learn that. i love you but i think we shouldn't talk anymore and should grow into our own people. maybe in the future we could again." and then i chased after her and was ready to spew out how wrong she was and how sorry i was but then i stopped and just stared. then i woke up