Best friends in pain

Date: 7/18/2017

By MsBananaNanner

Ali and I were at the hospital, and she kept getting sick. Someone was examining her but they couldn't figure out which of these two things it was. They said they would either have to remover her pancreas or her "melancholy gland". Since they don't know which it is, they tell us we have to decide. Something comes up while we're deciding and they say they now have to remove both. They schedule a surgery, and we drive home. We're trying to find somewhere to eat, and I'm trying to direct Ali where to go, but everything is fuzzy and we keep getting lost. We wind up at a pizza place, but it's nine at night and I'm convinced the pizza is going to be gross. We leave and go to Olive Garden instead and sneak in a side door. After we sit down I realize that we aren't going to be able to afford this. We sneak out the front door and go back to the car. There's a fork in my hand from the table. We try to find a Chinese takeout place, but I'm not sure if we found it. Then we're back at the hospital for Ali's surgery. Before they take her back though, I have to get X-rays for my back. My X-ray showed a broken Harrington rod (this was about six months after my irl surgery) so we both had to get surgery together. We convinced them to put our recovery beds in the same room so that we could complain together.