The Original Malevolent Little Liars

Date: 8/27/2017

By Fitful

In the beginning there is a storyline I can't recall but I know it ends with a yellow vw bug, an older model, which has an extra part that let's it travel worlds. It creates a portal and we can jump through, the man who added that part made rings for people and one car. ~ Next thing which happens is me and a bunch of friends move into a new apartment. It's supposedly so much better. One of our friends is reluctant so we wrap him(her?) up in a huge blanket, pour all his stuff on top, and drag the bundle to the new apartment. But when we release him the room is a mess, I don't know if it's all his stuff everywhere, or the original owners, or a combination of both. But the room looks wrecked. We try cleaning it. In fact we clean for a while, but I notice them all dragging their feet. I'm trying to clean up the apartment for us to begin well in, but they seem more interested in lounging around in the filth. I get bored being the only one, frustrated, so I walk off to explore the rest of the place as a break. I find the most magnificent room, it's a large open room which is characterized by the windows. It seems like an infinity pool but with windows instead of water. The room seems to rush up to meet them, then lay out the beautiful city beyond. I wish I could have this room for myself, but I've already put an ad on the internet seeking a roommate, LGBT welcome. Disappointed but also eager to see the next rooms I walk to the other end of the apartment and walk in one room. It's full of stuff as well, apparently the original owners weren't that good at moving, and it's decorated with clashing hypnotic patterns. I'm suddenly warping through the experience, like time and space distorted around me. When it stops I get out of that room fast. The next is full of stuff as well but looks more like an office which someone dumped all their junk in. A manly office. Highly disappointed I walk back to the nice room and covet it a bit but then I go looking at the part I haven't seen. Suddenly there is much more to the place. I walk through an unknown area into a fancy modern kitchen, I mean mansion type fancy, and suddenly I'm in a completely different house. Someone else's house, I know because it's layout is different. It's a mansion. And there's a gentleman smoking a pipe in his posh bathrobe or day robe or whatever. I tell him I'm lost, and try and escape but he's cool. He tries to show me the way out but doesn't seem to understand I don't know where I live. I was at home in my pajamas and now I'm across the city, I don't remember call the address, nor a roommates phone number. And we just moved. I can't go to the home I know, there is no one there. They gentleman tells me he knows a guy who can help. For some reason we spend a lot of time on escalators, which travel around the city. We meet up with the guy, mid escalator ride, and he's a chill guy. Hippieesque. Although that's just how he talks, slow and chill, he looks like a respectable young business man. Black and well dressed. But he tells me "Diablo" is coming for me. He's coming for me at my funeral. Which didn't seem that scary. I reasoned if he came to my funeral he would miss me as I wouldn't be there. Duh. ~ I don't know if the story line diverges or repeats differently but I know a girl I like, one of my roommates, is really interested in this guy, another roomate. I'm sitting on a couch and they're dancing and suddenly he's fucking her with me right there. I'm really weirded out, not even aroused but disgusted. I literally dump her off my lap, not caring I ruined her good time and rush off. I ask a friend to write down the address for me, plush phone numbers, and he does, putting it on paper which I fold impossiblely small and put in a backpack/purse pocket. I then take off but I get lost again. And I forget my money, as I meant to go shopping I don't take anything but 20 dollars. I ride the subway, and for a bit it's like playing a video game, I'm working the controls and this character which is me is riding the train tracks on nothing but wheels, if that, and going through fire which I have to play wildly to get out off its like I had a phone which I used as the controller, tilt down to go forward, that sort of things. Finally my character goes off the tracks and ends up in some town where the controls let me dance. They all it dancing hick, but all I do is tap the right and left foot buttons. The other butts just low up body parts which dont need blown up, like the chin. I'm on a subway, in a subway station, this time actually on the car when my car breaks off the rails from the rest of the triangle and stops. Apparently in this reality you only get a dinky hand car attachment, like a bicycle only smaller and for your hand, to ride the subway. It broke and the subway monitor, not to be confused with the guards which were also there, rush to tell me I can't put it back on the tracks. I would have to come with him. I feel in trouble but I go anyway, and he tells me it's my lucky day. I get in this real car, with a more closed carriage feel, and posh cushions on the walls and seats. A fancy rich noble type woman is there, with other sulking rich types all young and around my age. She looks at us as if we're her children and she's happy. Then the train we're in travels fast to the mall where it flashes a gay display, gay as in fancy, and it's covered in Christmas lights and puts on a beautiful show for the city. Beautiful women dance, with crystals on their heads and beautiful costumes. I'm impressed. And happy cause now I'm at the mall. But towards the end I get the feeling I'm a rejected child, not as important as the others, and I walk off feeling let down. I run into a roommate and am happy because I've tried to read the paper which has the address to the apartment on it, but it's illegible. I'm exhausted from trying to read it and I want to go home. I ask her to write it down for me, and we ride up the escalator. However, at the top she suddenly begins responding to someone who isn't there, I look for a ear piece for a phone but one isn't there then suddenly she is talking to someone, a guy is there and he tells her bad news. One of her friends just died or something. She is really broken up and goes to sit down at a chair in the Cafeteria. The guy sits with her and comforts her. I feel uncomfortable, still impatient to go home, and now insensitive because I don't know this person and I don't care much that they died. I stand there uncomfortable until some woman at a nearby table moves because she's uncomfortable too. I take her seat, and drag it to the table which now has my roommate and two of her friends sitting in mourning. Insensitive again I just feel impatient because I don't know when to ask for the directions again. ~ A few off scenes. There's a scene where my roommates are painting the walls of a bedroom to my exact specifications. It had been awful, now I was instructing them to paint cherries all over the wall. Smaller cherries at the top, going down to bigger ones. I think, from my perspective, the cherries were just as awful as the original. One of my friends who helped us move in talks to his therapist about moving in with us. He's a total geek, about 40 something and thin. He says he's tired of his commute, well he's scared of driving anyway, and he's ready to live in the city. She cautions him against it. I get a vision of a woman with black eyes looking into mine, her face rushes at me and blows away like a ghosts. She says "We're all dead." The entire time a song is playing on a loop the lines "set my soul alive". The title showed up for me, set like a movie title, tiered words and script and everything. So I thought I'd use it.